Grounding exercises part 2

What’s that smell?

These next two are more challenging if you don’t have any props with you – this is one reason I always keep peppermints in my office. Well, that and to help with bad breath (mine or others). With this exercise you will find something that has a unique smell, maybe it’s a peppermint, maybe it’s part of your lunch, perhaps it’s flowers outside, or maybe it’s just the smell of paper from the printer. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you can smell it and that it’s good for you to smell. If you feel comfortable you can close your eyes and try to recall any positive memories you have associated with this smell. Think about all the different elements to that smell that you can identify, and try to use as descriptive of terms as possible to help get your brain grounded with this task.


Like the smell exercise, this one will usually require some kind of object. Find a thing you can taste/eat. When you begin to eat it notice the kinds of flavors that are happening. Is it sweet or savory? Is it salty or bitter? What are all the subtle notes you can detect, or is the flavor so singular and strong that you can only perceive the one taste?