Q. Going to therapy is for people with really serious problems, not for me right?

A. How do big problems get to be that way? They started once as small problems which got ignored and overlooked until they became large, concerning problems. By starting to work on something early we can as you might say "Go to the doctor to keep from getting sick instead of waiting until you have the flu."
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Q. What is your background with marriage and family therapy?

A. Working with families and couples is a unique form of therapy looking at the larger system of all the different people connected to this group, not just the individuals. This kind of approach takes specialized training and I earned my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the best systemic training program in Texas.
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Q. How long does therapy take?

A. Every relationship is unique and so are the issues facing those relationships. That being said, my approach to therapy is goal-driven. During our first meeting together we will work to determine what goals you have for therapy. Every few sessions we will have a check-up to see if your progress matches your goals. Once you reach them, therapy is finished.
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